Solar Energy Materials Laboratory (SEML)

We investigate materials for solar energy conversion such as solar cells and solar fuels!

The Solar Energy Materials Laboratory (SEML) has researched and developed various solar cells and nanomaterials for photovoltaic use. Research on solar cells includes modification and enhancement of light absorption layer and charge collection layer in perovskite solar cell and copper-zinc-tin-selenide (CZTSe) solar cell, applying electron dynamics in solar cell mechanism, and enhancement of solar cell’s stability. Research on nanomaterial includes fabrication and modification of Titanium oxide(TiO2), Magnesium oxide(MgO), and Nickel oxide(NiOx) nanoparticle, evaluating photovoltaic, photoelectrocatalytic and dielectric properties of the nanoparticle and their application as electrode.

Research Area

Multiple positions are available for graduate students and postdocs interested in Materials for Photovoltaics!

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